Edgewood Cemetery is located southwest of Grottoes on the Rockfish Road, directly across the road from the Mount Horeb Presbyterian Church. A second cemetery, herein called the Old Cemetery, lies on the same side of the road as the church and just south of it. Edgewood is a beautiful cemetery with ten acres of land and  with over 1200 persons interred.

Ownership of burial spaces is open to the public at a cost of $400.00 each. Perpetual care is provided as a part of the cost of burial spaces. Unlike the area’s “for profit” cemeteries,. the erection of headstone monuments is also allowed (with certain restrictions). Interested parties should contact the church at (540) 249-5141 for more information.

The records of those interred are being provided to enable visitors to the website to search for the resting place of their ancestors and relatives as they traverse the branches of their family tree.

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