What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

At Mt. Horeb we try to stay away from labeling the different forms and ways of worshipping our Triune God. While most would consider our service to be more traditional in style as we often follow a classic Reformed liturgy, we strive to be faithfully creative as we worship and praise our Lord.

The Psalmist declares in Psalm 150: “Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!” And, indeed, praise is one of the chief ends of our worship. Yet, remarkably, as we are gathered by the Holy Spirit for praise and as we enter into the rhythms of worship we find that God uses worship as a space for us to grow, lament, learn, and re-commit ourselves to being a people who live by grace. So in our worship as we are gathered to lift our hearts and voices to the Triune God of grace, we also pray that we would be attuned to the work of God’s Spirit in ourselves.