Worship is the very heart of what we do together as a community of faith. It is what happens, not simply on Sunday mornings, but wherever we go as witnesses to Christ living lives to the glory of God.

That being said, our corporate worship on Sunday mornings is critical for our lives of worship throughout the week. It is in corporate worship as we are gathered together by the Holy Spirit to praise Christ and offer our lives to God in prayer that God also engages us and re-stories us to be people of the gospel story. One of the main aids we have for entering into the gospel story is our Liturgy (or, Order Of Worship).

Every congregation has a liturgy for their corporate worship (even if they say they don’t!) It’s the movements you come to expect in worship, the map that takes you from the first Hallelujah to the last Amen. At Mt. Horeb we want to be intentional about shaping our liturgy in such a way that it reflects the place we call home while also lifting us out of our own self-centered-stories and placing us in the gospel story. And so we follow a very similar order week after week, not because we can’t be creative, but because we believe that the creativity of this liturgy that has been passed down to us actually helps us to grow into gospel rhythms of grace.

Below you’ll see a typical order of worship for a Sunday mornings at Mt. Horeb. Sometimes this order changes, but usually it stays very similar. At least once a month, on the first Sunday, we also come to the Lord’s Table to celebrate the joyous feast of communion, where Christ himself spiritually nourishes us for lives as his disciples. All who confess Jesus Christ as Lord are welcome at the table.